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The New England region of the United States is known for having a large number of job shops including many screw machine shops. Devon Precision is located in this area and has earned an outstanding reputation as a leader in the swiss screw machine industry. The accuracy and precision of the machined components it produces has formulated this reputation. Devon Precision Industries, located in Wolcott, Ct., is one of the industry leaders in its chosen field of precision manufacturing.

Devon Precision has a diversification of manufacturing equipment and over thirty years of expertise in the precision manufacturing field. This diversification of hardware and talent enables customers who are seeking competent and qualified suppliers to have all their needs satisfied in one place.

With over 550 production machines in its primary and secondary departments, Devon Precision is well equipped to service customers from a myriad of industrial applications. The markets served range from automotive, medical, firearms, appliances, valves, motor shafts, gear and pinion, drive shaft, military armaments, aerospace and measuring instruments.

The production capabilities of its diversified equipment is complimented by an inspection system that is equally varied in order to meet the most exacting requirements that each different industry demands. The inspection starts with a detailed inspection plan for each operation and includes 1st article, capability studies, FEMA, and PPAP procedures. The capability studies are supported by data-myte collection systems and SPC procedures. The goal of both the production and inspection personnel is to achieve customer satisfaction. This is accomplished by providing the customer with components on-time and with zero defects. Included in this customer satisfaction is the ability to provide this service at a competitive price.

Following is a listing of the production equipment and their capabilities:

Primary Department

  1. Single spindle swiss automatic screw machines capable of precision turning operations with high accuracy and micro finishes. Ideal for short and long runs requiring consistency and accuracy.
    • Bechler AR10/AS10/BR20
    • Capacity: Max diameter 3/4"
    • Max length 22"

    • Equipped with brakes and universal 3 spindle attachments and pick-offs for milling and cross drilling
  2. Escomatic (coil material) machines that are used for simpler, less complicated work. These are screw machines that have two tool and run on coils of wire stock. Ideal for long runs.
    • Escomatic D2/D4/D6
    • Capacity: 3/16"
  3. Multispindle automatic machines with 6 spindles that provide the ability to produce large volume runs at faster cycle times than the single spindle swiss automatics
    • Gildermeister
    • Capacity: Max diameter 3/4"
  4. CNC swiss machines with 19 tool slides that produce complex parts very quickly and accurately without requiring any secondary operations. Ideal for short runs and prototypes.
    • Hardinge
    • Capacity: Max diameter 3/4"

Secondary Department

  1. Besides its giant, diverse assortment of screw machines, Devon has an even larger array of secondary equipment that allows the firm to select the most efficient method to satisfy the customers' need. These machines are capable of performing the following operations:
    • gear hobbing, burnishing, thread rolling, knurling, worming, worm milling,
      splining, broaching, centerless grinding, deburring, tapping,
      drilling, laser marking, sub-assemblies, tumbling, in-feed grinding, tumbling

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